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l.e. & riley's blog

l.e. & riley's blog

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter time!!!

Our Grami and Papa sent us a box for Easter and Mommy let us open our presents ourselves. Here is a video of us...

l.e. looking pretty for her Easter picture :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're back!

Hi everyone!

Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while. Our mommy has been really busy with school and work, and of course taking care of us. We recently moved to a new home and love it! We have a lot more space to play and really nice new neighbors.

L.E. was sick for a little while with Colitis, but is all better now. She has gained a little weight, and her new nickname is "pudgey". But no one really says it too loud! :) Riley is doing well. He has grown up a lot and has been a wonderful little brother to L.E. through everything.

Today we got to play with an old friend, and met a new one! We went to the beach and played with Lucy and Milo!!!!! For everyone who doesn't remember, Lucy is L.E.'s half sister and Milo is her new brother. We had a great time. Here are some pictures our mommy took of us and there is even one of us with her. Daddy was still at work when we went to today, but hopefully we can go again with him too!

L.E. walkin'

that's Milo on the left and Lucy on the right

L.E. takin' a break and Lucy checkin' to make sure she's ok

L.E. being the ham she is :)

"isn't the view wonderful? Riley come look!"

"We can see San Francisco from here. Come look Lucy and Milo!"

us and our mommy

L.E. after her bath and all tuckered out

sweet dreams Riley

Sunday, September 30, 2007

L.E. at work with mommy

I got to go to mommy's work! Mommy said that everyone at work wanted to meet me so she brought me one day. Everyone was SUPER nice to me. I loved being able to meet everyone that mommy works with and see what she does all day. Her worked looks pretty hard. I don't understand what all those numbers mean, I guess that's why mommy does it, not me. :)

Here are some pitures mommy took..

"I can help mommy!"

I got a little sleepy and took a nap.

Sleepy face

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Playing Around

Our mommy hasn't posted anything about us in a while, so we decided to act even cuter so she would take a new video of us and show it off. We decided to act silly one day before going to training class, so we started rolling around in the grass.

Friday, February 23, 2007


We gots some new white stuff in our yard today. Mommy reminded us that it's called snow. :) There was so much of it that it was hard to even walk through. L.E. didn't last too long before she got cold, but Riley had a blast. Here's a video and a couple pictures.

Mommy, I gots this stuffs all over me! -Riley

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday L.E.

Happy Birthday L.E.!!!!

Our baby girl is now 2 years old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. She was a little angel as a puppy and she is still angel as a young lady. Mommy loves you babygirl!

Our Christmas 2006

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We got so many presents we weren't sure what to do. All of our family was here including our uncle Alexander. Our mommy was so happy that everyone was able to come to our house this year. Thank goodness Riley left the tree alone just in time for Santa to leave all the presents under it. And boy was Santa good to us. We got so many toys mommy said that she was going to put some away for another time. We didn't really think that was fair, but once we saw all the new ones we completely forgot about all of our old toys. Well, almost!

Mommy also finally let us open our secret santa gifts. They were from Hula and Sisco, our friends at SDF. Boy, oh boy, did they send us a lot of toys. They also sent us super cute and comfy polos with our names on them. We can't wait until the weather gets a little better so mommy puts them on us more. She says it's a little too cold to wear them outside right now, but we wear them around the house often! Thank you so much Hula and Sisco!!!

Ok Mommy, I'm tired from opening all those presents. I'm just going to take a nap! - Riley